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Welcome to the next evolution of YOU as a business owner

The Uncommon Business Summit is for entrepreneurs who are seeking to grow their business in an innovative and uncommon way.  We attract a mission-driven tribe made up of trainers, authors, speakers, consultants, coaches and professional service providers who are looking for creative ideas, perspectives and strategies for taking their business to the next level and beyond. 

The common bond among us is our desire to have it all…

... an experience of business that’s fun, rich with contribution and deeply fulfilling, and a bottom line that’s highly profitable so we can play, tithe and make an even bigger impact in the world.

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Imagine a weekend where you...

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Listen to Jane as she shares the three shifts that will forever change your business.


Welcome Friends!

Jane Deuber

So, you’ve caught wind of the Uncommon Business Summit taking place in Monterey, California September 13-15, 2013. Whether you were referred by a friend or invited personally by me or someone on my team, you’ve no doubt heard that this is not your typical business-growth event.  As you’ll discover on this page… the Uncommon Business Summit is unlike any other event you’ll ever experience.

It’s unique because of three things we do very differently…

First, we deliver sound business-growth strategies with the understanding that YOU are the determinant of your success, not the strategy. The “how-to steps” are important, but the way you implement them is what impacts your bottom line success. It’s why we focus on the being as well as the doing so that you leave clear, confident and committed to put your new-found strategies to work in your business.

Second, we blend a whole lot of fun and creativity into the process of learning how to grow your business. This innovative approach will nudge you into the next evolution of who you need to be to create the business you really want.

Third, we’ve gathered a remarkable tribe that will rally around you for three game-changing days. You will feel seen, acknowledged, and inspired to return home and take new risks to create the life and business you desire.

Combine these three elements with my 27 years of business-building experience that I weave into every session at Summit, and frankly I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to be with us for the Uncommon Business Summit.

This event is based on the belief that...

6 Reasons to join us at the Summit

Reason #1
Discover proven ways to transform your bottom line

What makes Jane’s approach to business-building so unique is her ability to inspire you to see and grow your business in an entirely new way. Her time-tested strategies are born from 27 years in the trenches, starting and growing six successful businesses. This experience fuels her commitment to helping you turn your passion into a highly profitable business that also brings you tons of joy and fulfillment.

Every moment of your Summit experienced is aimed at ensuring you leave with a profound understanding of how to navigate the Inner Game of Entrepreneurship while also embracing the right business-growth strategies that will take you to a new level of success.

Throughout these three days together you will gain...

Yes, I'm in!

Reason #2
You’ll Learn from the Masters

The speaker line-up for the Uncommon Business Summit represents a band of visionaries who are ready to create an unforgettable experience that will forever change your business.

Jane Deuber – As you host for the weekend, Jane will be sharing...
- The Entrepreneurial Advantage – A creative approach to tapping into your inner entrepreneurial genius
- The Endless Sales System – How to move prospects from curious to committed in five simple steps
- The Leveraged Entrepreneur – Proven Strategies for recurring revenues that are independent of you

Jeffrey VanDyk – Permission to be Powerful - How to move through the fear and step courageously into your power

Christine Kloser – The Transformational Author - How to write, publish and promote a book that transforms your business and your audience

Barbara Niven – Become a Video Marketing Superstar! - How to tap into your authentic star power to attract and engage your audience

John Dulworth – Moving Beyond the Blocks - How to kick ass, stay connected and be your best self no matter what your life and business hold for you

Jeff Stafford – Pump Up The Volume - How to weave fun, energy and a sense of community into your events, trainings and workshops

Regena Garrepy – Building the Tribe - How to attract, nurture and grow your own tribe for the ultimate in fun and fulfillment

Yes, I'm in!

Reason #3
Walk away with 3 turn-key strategies for marketing more effectively

On Sunday you will experience our super popular Marketing Round Tables, hosted by some of the most sought after trainers in all disciplines of marketing. You’ll select three 30-minute sessions during which you will receive a “rapid-fire download” of the best-kept secrets on that element of marketing. Before moving on, you will receive a Turn-key Checklist you can immediately put into action to put that marketing avenue to work in your business.

Here is a sneak peek at just a few of the Round Table topics you can choose from:

  1. Your Marketing Life Cycle – How to move people from curious to committed with email marketing
  2. Video Marketing Secrets – The do’s and don’ts of do-it-yourself video production
  3. Assessment Selling – How to use client quizzes and assessments to convert curious prospects into clients
  4. Expanding Your Reach – List building strategies that you can implement NOW
  5. Be a LinkedIn Insider – Discover time saving short-cuts for finding high-ticket clients using LinkedIn
  6. Book Yourself Solid – Eight things you need to know in order to book yourself as a sought after speaker
  7. Master Your Marketing Message – Attract your ideal clients by communicating your message with confidence, ease and clarity
  8. Speak To Find New Clients – Proven steps to turning free speaking engagements into fishing ground for new clients
  9. Webinars that WOW – Take the stress out of webinars with these insider secrets that make webinars a breeze

Can’t decide which one you will choose? You don’t have to! As a Summit attendee, you will receive password protected access to a “Round Table Review,” in which we will feature every expert’s training audio or video accompanied by their handout and turn-key checklist.

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Reason #4
Expand your network of amazing people

Your experience at Summit is enriched by the people who come together to make it happen.

In addition to Jane you will be supported by her remarkable Summit team – a group of sought after teachers, trainers and mentors who are gathering for the sole purpose of supporting YOU in your growth and transformation as a business owner. The synergy of this amazing support team creates a safe, loving, electric environment that is the perfect venue for birthing a new vision for your business and your life.

Last, but certainly not least, there are the Summit attendees – a remarkable group of entrepreneurs who share your passion for living an extraordinary life and growing their business in a way that is aligned with their values. These are some of the coolest people on the planet who refuse to settle for business as usual and want to see you succeed. Among this group you will find potential collaborators, new clients and lifetime friends. You will also learn from them, be inspired by them and at times be challenged by them as they nudge you to step into the next evolution of YOU as a visionary entrepreneur.

Yes, I'm in!

Reason #5
Turn up the volume on your business vision

In the words of Napoleon Hill, “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” So our question to you is whether you truly have a clear, compelling written vision of the business you want one year from today. With it, you become unstoppable. Without it you will surely fall short of your desires.

This element of your Summit experience begins before you even arrive. Imagine receiving Jane’s highly acclaimed Four-Dimensional Vision Quest exercise that will inspire you to revisit your business vision one year from now.

This will enable you to enter into the Summit weekend with a greater sense of what you want and then evolve and refine your vision throughout the weekend. You’ll also learn about other attendees' visions and in the process gain insights and inspiration to take the lid off of your own vision and step into a new space of possibility and prosperity.

Yes, I'm in!

Reason #6
Rejuvenate your soul and have fun

Growing your business can be an exhilarating and fun adventure, and… it can also wear you out!

At the Uncommon Business Summit, you’ll reconnect with what matters most and replenish that beautiful mind, body and spirit of yours. Imagine leaving the weekend feeling energized and equipped to take inspired action toward the vision you will create.

Consider first the hotel venue, which sits at the edge of the breathtaking Monterey Bay where dolphins play and shimmering sand beaches invite you into reflection and creativity. Add to that some of Jane’s personal wellness mentors whom she has gathered to create an environment that replenishes your spirit.

To create an environment of fun and new connections, you’ll enjoy an amazing beachside bonfire on Friday evening and a super fun “Games Night” on Saturday that will lift your spirit and prepare you for the final day.

Yes, I'm in!